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金沙线上娱乐网站:Countdown to the Fund's "Intermediate Examination"

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内容摘要: Time entered the month of June, and the fund's mid-year performance rankings entered a countdown. From the perspective of the income level ...

Time entered the month of June, and the fund's mid-year performance rankings entered a countdown. From the perspective of the income level of the first five months, under the circumstances that the stock market has seen a general decline and pharmaceutical stocks have soared, the performance of actively managed equity funds has become more apparent. The medical theme of the market net fund value of rose, becoming the most profitable category of products this year. Taking Puyin Ansheng Healthcare as an example, the fund's net value growth rate has reached 19.05% this year, ranking second in the category of similar funds, and the excess return is significant.

In recent years, favorable policies in the health care industry have come one after another, such as the "Healthy China" strategy, the "Opinions on deepening the review, review and approval system reform, and encouraging the innovation of medical and medical devices", and the development of "Internet + health care" measures. OK and so on. All these have become catalysts for the rise of the pharmaceutical sector. According to statistics, as of the end of May, the Shanghai Composite Index fell by 6.4% during the year, and the China Securities Medicine Index and the National Syndicated Medicine Index surged 16.35% and 18.46%, respectively.

Insiders pointed out that from the current perspective, the bullish fundamentals of the pharmaceutical industry are still relatively solid, and this sector will continue to be a relatively clear investment opportunity for the A-share market this year. However, it should be noted that the performance of individual stocks in the industry is mixed, and the valuation of some stocks is not cheap. For individual investors, it is not easy to distinguish the real value of the stock from the stock, and it is advisable to use the dividends of the related theme fund to increase the shares.

It is reported that as a purely medical theme for the flexible allocation of hybrid funds, the proportion of stocks invested by UBS Axis Healthcare can be as high as 95% of the fund's assets. Among them, the proportion of listed companies investing in the health care industry is not less than 80%, and they can share the investment opportunities of the largest medical sector . In terms of investment strategy, the foundation combines research and analysis of industry development trends, analyzes the development strategies, business models, technologies, and processes of listed companies, and selects stocks that have investment value in the health care industry.





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